For every kind of info about prices & more write to bittenbytherest@gmail.com


Ban This! “Psychotic Reactions” – Don’t Need Records – This CD contains the first demo ‘Demo 2005’, ‘Promo 2006’, ‘Creepy Crawl ep’, and the self titled LP. Bologna fast 80’s old school hardcore. Don’t miss it!! 5€
Go Down Moses “Welcome Idiots” – Produzioni Sante – Great full lenght release, cool indie rock dancing moods, members of Suinage, Cusack… 7€
Killer Koala “Discography” – Ammagar – mini CD, great band. From Rome and including members of Comrades and Concrete, grindcore! Numbered copies, this is the number 65 of 66! Songs back from the nineties. 5€
Kafka “Our Memories are only Tales” – BTC – the ‘90s italian greatest band ever, an anthology, mosh!7€
La Falce “S/T” – Life of Hate, Shove, Teppalife – from Bergamo, one of the greatest italian bands ever. Emoviolence à la Reversal of Man and guttural madness à la Unruh! Top! 5€
Phoenix Bodies “Too much Information” – Shove Records – Nothing to say, a must! CD + DVD, a jewel!10€
The Catalyst “Swallow your Teeth” – Perpetual Motion Machine – rock and violence from the US, this bands is a total blast! Sick voice and mad guitars! 7€
Verme “Vermica” – To Lose La Track, Vita di Legno – Tupa tupa high voltage, indie punk rock from Italy at its best!! 10€

7 INCHES , EP’S      
Absence “From the Bloodshed” – Cycle Records – this is grinding hardcore. No compromises in defense of mother earth, this record is the point of no return for all the vegan straight edge bands in Italy. 5 €
Alfatec “Brainphobia” – Matzugoru, Selfabuse recs – Firenze fastcore attack!! 4€
Antares/Seditus split – Tornado Ride & more – split between two of the most particular italian rnr hardcore bands ever! 4€
Antithesis/Khere split  – Sons of Vesta / Ape must kill not Ape records – Rarity!! 2 of the most important italian screamo zouk bands. From Piacenza and Arezzo. 5€
Bad Antics “The Wave” EP – Flat Black Recs. – 7 tracks for one of the best albums in the screamopunk vein ever! For lovers of Fucked Up!, Wavves and La Piovra, these 4 guys from Placentia rock asses.6€
Ban This! “How to Destroy a quiet Sleep” – Don’t Need Records – EP! Great old school 80’s punk from Bologna! Rockish, tupa tupa-ish, devoted to skate. A Blast! 5€
Blacklisted “Peace on Earth, War on Stage” – Deathwish – basketball hardcore: melancholic and fucking direct release for Blacklisted, this EP includes “Memory Lane”, “Canonized” and “Ivory Tower”! Philadelphia crew, sick of you! 5€
Born Annoying “Living how You’re Not” – Reaper – they took the name from a Helmet song. This is their first release, a great mix of skatepunk, glam rock, moshing hardcore and nihilist attitude. If you don’t know who Helmet are, you spent too much time listening to Youth of Today! 6€
Broken Patterns “S/T” – Sixfeetunder Records – destroy! Great punk hardcore from L.A.! Sickness for life and thrash up everything! 5€
Cardiac Arrest “Life’s a dead end” EP – Grave Mistake – GM style punkrock from Missouri, sick vocals and tupa tupa. Long hair or short hair it equal fits! 7€
Cayman the Animal “Aquafelix” EP -Sonatine, Mothership, Annoying – ex Ingegno, from Perugia. Super amazing 10″ + CD work, new school punkrock played as JR Ewing strongly did. Riffs, stop’n’goes, singed like there’s no fucking tomorrow. Pure rock and pure attitude, Caymans are one of most important italian bands nowadays! Cool artwork by Ratigher (Donnabavosa, Laghetto). 8€
Cibo/Airlines of Terror “split 7″”+CD – Escape from Today Records – grind and roll, great work. 7€
Coloss/Taste the Floor “Split 7″” – Alliance, Beggar Dog, Trust In & more – from Rome, thrashcore attack! 5 tracks for each band, Coloss rule since their birth, Taste the Floor are new fast kids on the blok! Enjoy! 4€
Condemned Unit “S/T” – Burnt Bridges – thrashing hardcore mixed with horror style rock’n’roll from Texas. 4€
Confusione “Confusione” – Zas, Fortemente Indiziati Recs – italian old school hardcore at its best! 4€
Crucial Cause “Blood Money” EP – Flat Black Recs. – NY HC style. Direct, fast & loud. Stay true. Includes “Victim in Pain” cover song! 5€
Cracks In the Wall “EP” – Crucial Attack – punk rock: fast, rough, siiick!!! 4€
Day of the Dead / The Damage Done split – Goodwill Records – old school hardcore from Rome. 3€
Drop the I / Gonzales split EP – Stress to Death Records – rockish and heavy punkrock for those 2 italian bands. An Old-School must!! 4€
ED “Senza Ragione EP” – Don’t Need Records – from Bologna, skatepunk meeting the old schoolish thrash hardcore! Reno Rockers! 5€
Fed UP “Read Between the Lines” – Hard Press recs – fuck your life, hail fastcore! 4€
Followed by 37 Seconds of Happiness “4 Songs” – Ape Must Kill no Ape, Blessed Hands – heavy and tight emoviolence from Sweden, for all the LaQuiete fans, with melodical parts. Good work! 4€
Four Wheel Drive “S/T” – Hometown Caravan Records – nice record, that’s punkrock without compromises! 4€
Gab de la Vega “Death on the Shelf” – Alliance Recs – tasty work for The Smashrooms’ singer Gab! 2 songs (one of them is a cover by Bad Religion, “1000 more Fools”) of acoustic punk one man, one guitar, old school! 4€
Go! “Your Power Means Nothing EP”– Refuse Records – 11 tracks of pure old school tupatupa trash punk with straight-edge attitude. These guys from New York are one of the most important and committed d.i.y. sxe bands ever and this release, dated 1990 and re-printed by Refuse Records (Poland), is a must! 7€
Gods and Queens “Untitled #3” – Sons of Vesta – new four songs EP by Philly’s G & Q: still sticking to the foundation laid by their previous releases, yet keeping on with their usual mix of mid paced, angular, bass driven songs, combined with caustic, disillusioned, confusing lyrics and noisy laden guitars, the band managed to shrink everything into shorter, louder bursts to easily fit into a fancy record. 5€
Government Flu “Fuck Poetics” – Refuse Records – from Poland…thrash punk attack! 5€
Keep it Clear “S/T” – Not Just Words Records – violence! Hardcore to the bones. Straight edge, pessimism and violence as True Colors and Nighstick Justice teached! This album rules!5€
Il Buio “Via dalla Realtà” – Corpoc – amazing band from Vicenza, these young guys play an old school sreaming emocore Washington style! Really cool packaging that shines in the dark! A must-have! 5€
Ladies “S/T” – Grave Mistake – great fast punk rock, another Grave Mistake jewel, aggressive and direct to heart. Pure madness. 5€
Le Tormenta/Gargantha split – Sons of Vesta, Refoundation Records – earth grind and fast hardcore meet, strong lyrics and so on. No posers allowed, be militant! 4€
Loma Prieta / Raein “SPLIT EP” – Deathwish – chaoscore masters from San Francisco meet the Forlì earth-emoviolence combo! A total blast for the these two awesome bands! 3 tracks plus a Black Flag’s “Spray Paint” cover for L.M. and a wonderful unreleased chapter in italian language for Raein, titled “Amore e Morte” (“Love and Death”). Clear and shady dark vinyl for one of the best punkrock releases of year 2013. 6€
Losing Streak “Cracked” – Not Just Words Records – kickyourass fast old school with moshing parts! 4€
Lyon Estates “Come Mille Altre Volte” – Annoying – old school from Bologna with members of Ban This and Guilt Show, they’re still keeping the true hc spirit alive! Five song furiously played!4€
Monobrow “S/T” – Lyralink Records – psycho rock,heavy metal attitude. 3€
M.F.P. “S/T” – Stomp Records – crustcore old school. Euro Re-press. 3€
Names for Graves “Worst Kid Ever” – Specimen 32 recs. – ex Good Clean Fun and Committed, this great band from Clevo plays a tough sxe hardcore stomp style! For real collectors! 4€
Negative Degree “Get Fucked” EP – Deranged Records – sick punk rock with no compromises. Rough vocals, nihilistic lyrics and strong stripes! 6€
Nihil Baxter “S/T” – Spastic Fantastic recs – Great debut album fo this german band! Bandana Thrash a gogo for this important european skaters combo!! 4€
No Turning Back “Rise from the Ashes” – Not Just Words Recs – Holland tough core heroes masterpiece! 5 tracks of old school NY style hardcore, including the great “True Colors”! Black vinyl. 5€
One Day Closer “Unconquered” – xCoalitionx – from the Netherlands, tough straight edge hc. 4€
Out Crowd “Our Struggle,Demo Songs” – Stomp Records – atlanta straight edge revenge! Old school xxx HC without compromises. Heavy guitar riffs, mosh and fighting words! 1,2,3…go! 4€
Painted Wolves “Unholy” – Epidemic Records – with ex members of Death is not Glamorous, Anchor, Smackdown new melodic screamish hardcore! 4 tracks and a great novelty from the old white Sweden. Don’t miss it! 5€
Pegasus “S/T” – Sixfeetunder Records – from Philly, noisy and rockish indie-punk attack for fans of Earth, Soundgarden and Wavves. A super-eclectic band! 5€
PHP “Incompleto Disordine” – Goodwill Records – new?old? from Milan, that’s hardcore!!! 3€
Pizza “self titled 7″+cdr”  – Sons of Vesta Records – grunging punkrock from Virginia featuring ex members of Madams, PG99. 5€
Post Fata Resurgo / Mithra split – Fucking Clinica , RARECS, Respira diy – Crust à la Madame Germen and Fall of Efrafa, dirty and loud for PFR and heavy grind hardcore old school for Mithra. They are evil!! From Rome, two of the best italian punk bands ever!!! 4€
Raindance “Sold Souls” – Epidemic Records – great noisy work for this american band that plays chugga chugga new school hardcore in vein of Botch and Hydrahead bands. Sick and heavy sounds, with a Helmet cover songs for all the old school kids! 5€
Riviera “S/T” – Sons of Vesta – new kids on the block! The old school emopunk Washington DC atmospheres are translated to the italian East- Coast for an awesome debut album. Post hardcore ballads and classic punk rock rhythms mix up in this one! A biography to know what’s really going on nowadays in Italy. 5€
Ruin You! “S/T” – Fat Patrol – from UK, irreverent punkhardcore in the vein of Bouncing Souls and Agnostic Front. 4€
Room 13 “User / Abuser” – Crucial Attack – fast punkrock in pure C.A. style! This record is old school! 4€
Rvines “S/T” – Emergence – french chaos black crust from Rouen, with ex-members of Burn Hollywood Burn, The Electrocution and Prön Flavürdik. 4 nice songs for an old school screamo record! 4€
Rush’n’Attack “Donut/Hole” – Crucial Attack Records – thrashing hardcore brigade!!!3€
Sabreteeth “S/T” EP Jerk Off Records – from California, experimental noise is for lovers.5€
See You in Hell “S/T” – the most important Czech grind band ever! 7 tracks of furious old school grind! 4€
Set Straight “The Dream’s Alive” – Looking Back Records – rarity! Old school hc played as Iron Boots and Slapshot teached. 4€
Statues “Same Bodies, Same Faces” 7″ – Deranged Records – this album is pure sickness! From Canada, aggressive and nihilistic punkrock. Heavy sounds! 5€
Suckinim Baeniamin / Batalj split – Power Negi – screaming punkrock for both bands, Power Negi recs from germany rocks! 4€
Terrible Feelings “Backwoods” – Deranged Records – 3 songs on a glued red vinyl for Malmoe’s Terrible Feelings. punk rock old school with female vocals. If you like the Who and the Private Dicks you can’t miss this one! 5€
The Brutalites “Police Brutality” – Against You Bastards Records – italian punk crust. 3€
The Holy Mountain / Cobra Noir “Split EP” – No Idea – crust core for THM and screamoviolence crust for the Cobras from Canada! This split album kicks ass. For all the Tragedy and Fall of Efrafa fans! 5€
The Limit  “Smash it up EP”  – Hanged Man Records – oldschool HC sensation from Palermo with members of Values Intact and Sonny Corleone. Minor Threat meet Youth Of Today meet Negazione!! 5€
Thought Crusade “It’s our War” EP  – BBB records – old school thrashing hardcore from Illinois for fans of Have Heart, Internal Affairs and Bracewar. 5€
Tighten Up “Warkrime” EP – No Way Rec. – From the Bay Area, sick punkrock in vein of Black Flag, Germs and TSOL. 4€
Time X “Good Moves not Good Players” – Refuse Records – italian fast old school xxx positive outlook.3€
Tutti i Colori del Buio S/T – Escape from Today, Bare Teeth Recs – moshing screamoviolence from Torino, Botch meet Rorschach! 250 hand numbered white wax copies, screenprinted by Sericraft. Horror B-Movies graphics and pessimistic attitude. Sergio Martino is our Elvis! A must! 5€
Ultimo Preso/Disease split – Trabuc Records – punk hardcore from hell! 3€
Unholy Grave / Mitten Spider split – Agromosh Records – a true rarity! 2003, the japanise grindcore heroes meet some crazy thrashpunkers kids from California! Madness! 5€
Un Quarto Morto “La Semina e il Raccolto” – UpDown Records – grinding fastcore from the italian East Coast!4€
Un Quarto Morto “Annusarsi, Scegliersi, Lamentarsi” – Cospirazione DIY – grinding fastcore from the italian east coast! 4€
Un Quarto Morto / Mr Murrungio split – Cospirazione DIY – fast hardcore grind politcally committed. 3€
Via Fondo “Tar” – Two Two Cats – from Sweden, sweet-hearted screamo punk!!5€
Voetsek “Tinea Cruris” – Six Weeks Records – the californian heroes of thrashcore! 11 tracks of pure tupa tupa storm. This record is mad! 5€
Wastoids “Wastoids” EP – Deranged Records – another supercool band from Toronto! Due to Fucked Up heritage, Wastoids play a violent oi! punk core influenced by Cock Sparrer and the UK new wave punk. One of the mst interesting news of year 2013! 6 €


A Flower Kollapsed “Brown recluse” – Shove, Sons of Vesta, Holidays recs – great italian band. Rockish screamo hc. Sickness! 7€
Ancient Sky “S/T”  – Perpetual Motion Machine/Sons of Vesta – Brooklyn psycho screaming rockish punkrock. 9€
Angel Eyes / A Fine Boat that Coffin split – Concubine Records – bands from USA and Germany, emotionally screaming punk harecore until the end. With many many cool rockish and glam parts. 9€
Attrito “Triste Opera Itinerante” – Annoying – old school punk hardcore played with heart and passion! From Trento, introspective italian lyrics as Sottopressione teached, tupa tupa and no compromises! 5€
Bokanovski “S/T” – Sons Of Vesta Records – the french idols of emo violence! Great master work! 9€
Cani Sciorrì “Parte III” – Escape from Today, TADC, Sonatine Produzioni – sick, dirty and heavy doom rock’n’roll from Cuneo, IT. 8 tracks and great artwork for their third album. For fans of Misfits, Unsane, Refused. Includes the hit “Siamo quelli della birra”. Lyrics in italian. 9€
Cease Upon the Capitol “S/T” – Sons of Vesta Recs/ React with Protest – screamo emo armageddon chaos from Tennessee for fans of LaQuiete, Reversal of Man Yaphet Kotto. ! 9€
Citizens Patrol “Sick Routine” EP – Crucial Attack Records – fast punk rock to the bones, they’re masters! 9€
Confronto “Sanctuarium” –  Refoundation Records – from Brazil, xxx vegan edge metal hc! 7€
Crop Circles – “Citizens of Fear” – ADS Recs, Annoying – Trento is thrashing mad like Richmond does: no regrets, live fast, tupa tupa, circle that pit. Orange fluo colored vinyl, new work ad new school mosh! 8€
Damaged Goods “Fever”  – Crucial Attack Records – thrash hardcore attack! Fast and loud,sick voice! From Belgium. 8€
Disquieted By “Lords of Tagadà” – Sons of Vesta, To Lose la Track – heavy rolling high voltage punk’n’r roll from Florence. One of the best releases ever for SOV Records! Comparisons with the Bronx, the Hives or Drive Like Jehu can be easily made, but only after being involved in one of their frenetic, hectic live shows one can be really aware of the true power of this band. Includes “Mommy Mommy Corazon”. 10€
Doomriders “Black Thunder” – Magic Bullet – this record is pure sickness! From Salem…evil death rocknroll!! 10€
Ecorche “S/T” – Cycle Records – this is rock! 5 tracks of pure emopunk Ebullition style. Italian press and a true rarity! 9€
Flop Down “97/01 Fragments of Life” – Rebound Action Records – Tuscia skunk, play fast or fucking don’t! 8€
Grand Détour “S/T” – Emergence – incredible instrumental post rock from Toulon, France, with guys from Bökanovsky and Child Meadow. Zouk zouk addiction! White vinyl. 5€
Grinding Halt “Sprookjeshof”– Shove/React with Protest Records – from the Netherlands, grind core with moshing parts. 7€
Holy “S/T” – Hell Yes! recs. – from Milan, a fistful of moshing hardcore with screamo voice. Limited 500 copies, with poster and free download link! A real blast: commitment, jumps, wall of death the system: real heroes! 8€
L’Amico di Martucci “2002” – Bang! recs. – a collection of the most famous songs from those Laguna kings! Venezia distortion at its best: “XmestreX”, “Nuestra Riqueza”, “Non è Tempo” and more!! Must have!! 9€
Marnero “Il Sopravvissuto” – Sangue Dischi, To Lose la Track, Fallo Dischi – from Bologna and Rome and including ex members of Laghetto, these four guys play an amazing post-everything mathcore with lyrics in italian and furious screamish episodes. Melodic and fast parts melt perfectly. A masterpiece for the italian DIY scene! Black vinyl. 13€
On “Double Vision” – Reaper – youth crew xxx old school hardcore from Tacoma. Jumps, “stay positive” lyrics and generation hymns! Ray Cappo style lyrics. 10€
Prumyslova Smrt / Valhalla Pacifists split  – Dead Heroes Records – Czech Republic meets UK, Crust punk meets sick ultraviolence! 7€
Raein “Ogni Nuovo Inizio” – Red Cars Go Faster – this record means history! Repress edition slightly different from the first press, this comes on black wax and the b-side is etched instead of being silk screened, turning out to be, all in all, better looking! Anything else to say about Raein? They ruled, rule and always will. Earth emo grind. Lyrics in italian. 11€
Remain  “Out of Anger” – Not Just Words recs – for fans of No Warning, Judge, Floorpunch! Mosh fast hardcore for those dutch dudes! 7€
Ruin You “S/T” EP – Rat Patrol records – fast punk rock, a must!! 7€
Santa Banana “S/T” – Don’t Need Records – fast punkrock from Bologna, with members of Laghetto…ultra fast and very goofy! Glam glam rock rock! 8€
Scena “Scena” – Solo – this amazing italian band is back on track with a new album! 7 tracks of furious punk rock’n’roll sung in italian and following a particular and modern midwest style. After a 5 year break they’re ready to rock again. With members of Laquiete, Cusack, Pueblo People. A chef-d’oeuvre! 8€
Semenzara “Coraggio” – Annoying, Forever True – true and heavy italian hardcore punk, 9 tracks of pure madness from the East Coast! Lyrics in italian, amazing graphics by Corpocavernoso Serigrafie…the album of the year! 9€
Short Fuse “S/T” – Assault Records – old school hardcore to the bones. Not-so-positive attitude and well-spoken lyrics for this great punk stuff for all fans of Negative Approach and Circle Jerks! One of the first releases for this amazing german label. 10€
Si Non Sedes Is / Marnero split – Donnabavosa, Sangue Produzioni BarlaMuerte recs – the e.v.i.l.. From Rome and Bologna, those two bands dig the grave. Doom, darkness and death! A punch in your face! 9€
State of Mind “Mental Gold”  – Crucial Attack Records – Great melodic fastcore from Netherlands! 9€
Strung Up “Warfucked” EP – Tankcrimes Recs – San Francisco old school punk hardcore. The roots. 9€
Strung Up / Direct Control “split”  – Tankcrimes recs . this is old school thrash hardcore. Basket case!! 8€
The Infarto “Sul Fondo insieme a tutti gli altri Sassi” – Corpoc – from Bergamo, the four horsemen come back with an awesome new record: Unruh meet Reversal of Man meet Serio river! Chalky screamopunk sound for old school people! 10€
The Rituals “Celebrate Life” – Sons Of Vesta Records – heavy and loud rock’n’roll!! One of the greatest records in Italy during 2009! Double LP edition for all the true vinyl lovers. Thanks SOV!! 12€
Wasted Youth “Knights of the Oppressed” -True Rebel Records – thrash hardcore for fan of Anthrax and Municipal Waste. Riffs, stop’n’goeas ‘til death and circle pits! Young band, tough sound. 8€


AA VV “No racism, No Authority” – Dare to Care Records – malaysian and philippine compilation, the bands are involved in punkhardcore and politics! 3€
Burning Man “Ronin” – Shut up and Play – hardcore old school! 2€
Cheap Drugs “S/T” – Yakuzzi Tapes – fastcore like there’s no fucking tomorrow! Singalongs, mosh and maybe one of the best names for a hardcore band! 5€
Dean Dirg “Verpisst” – Spastic Fantastic – from Germany, punk rock’n’roll for all the Lapiovra, Double Negative and Pissed Jeans fans! Direct and sick! They rule, if you don’t know who they are maybe you’ve been passing too much time listening to indierock. 5€
Direct Effect “Forget the Rest” – Live and Learn – for fans of Fugazi, Nirvana, Lion Of Judah, post punk and rockish grunge mix in this one! Limited amount of 30 tapes. Exclusive European release! 4€
No More Art “Demos vol.1” – Kink Records – fast screamish punk rock in vein of early Grade. 2€
Seawave “Demo” – Live and Learn – Seawave is a band from Long Island, New York. Their music could be best subscribed as Shoegaze with a somewhat raw, garagepunk vibe through it. 4€
Shape “Demo 2011” – Backwash – Re-recorded last year in Sintra, 5 tracks of passionate hardcore in the vein of Verse that will make you scream on your knees under the rain. 2.50€


A’raggia #5 – ITA, 2009. Mastic, Forest Yell, Ratigher, Veneto Noise, columns. Pp. 36.
A’raggia #4 – ITA, 2008. Ludd, Sons Of Vesta, Holidays Records, reviews, columns. Pp. 22
Bam Bam Bigelow #1– ITA 1998. The Riverdales, Huntingtons, The Automatics, reviews, columns, short tales. Pp. 48
Cagnara #14 – ITA 2002. S.O.A., Nicotine Records, comics, reviews. Pp. 20
Cuntstunt – USA, 2009. Single Issue. Columns, politics, Peggy Cornegger and feminism, direct action against sexism and patriarchism. Pp. 48
Dancing With Myself #1 – ITA, 2006. Dehumanize, Rambo, Anti G8 report, Bike Punks, Protopunk, gig reports, columns, reviews. Pp.48
Dancing With Myself #2 – ITA, 2008. Napalm Death, John Porcell, Ignite, Oi Polloi, Mithra Tour Report, columns, reviews. Pp.48
Fumo negli Occhi #1 – ITA, 2001. Novara SHARP fanzine. Columns, Genova 2001 report. Pp. 20
If the Kids… #1 – ITA, 2008. Downright, Zustissia Mala, columns, reviews, vegan recipes. Pp. 16
Marciume #4 – ITA 2006 – Ohuzaru, Mascons, Lunamatrona, Downright, Straight Opposition Tour Report, reviews, columns.
Oriental Beat #6 – ITA 2003. Bastet, Nessuno Schema/Gradinata Nord/Fiera dell’Odio, The Hangmen, reviews, columns. Pp. 46
Nessuno Schema #10 – from Colico, the comeback of the most important italian fanzine ever! 204 pages talking about worldwide hardcore-punk scene, old school heavy metal, diy, concerts, old and new releases, vinyls. Focusing against modern football, this is a must for all the kids! A5 format. Don’t forget the struggle, don’t forget to read! Pp. 204
Pain Act #2 – ITA, 2003. Kafka, What Happens Next?, Angry records, Punto-G ‘zine, Strenght Approach, columns, reviews. Pp. 44
Play Fast #2 – ITA 2005. Downright, Ingegno, True Norwegian Black Metal report, Dossier Ultras, gig reports, columns, reviews. Pp.48
Play Fast #3 – ITA 2007. Affluente, Agipunk, Nagasaki Nightmare, gig reports, Jello Biafra retrospective. Pp. 48
Porrozine #4 – ITA, 2005. Santantonio, Glacial Fear, Cripple Bastards, Strenght Approach, Vapurella, Palermo Hardcore Scene, Arsenico, CGB, columns, reviews. Pp.40
Porrozine #5 – ITA, 2007. Ohuzaru, Antisexy, Ink4riot, Anti You!, Common Enemy, Semprefreski, gig reports, reviews, columns. Pp. 40
Porrozine #6 – ITA 2010. Lecce Hardcore Fest report, DSA Commando, Growing Concern, Vegan Riot, reviews, columns. Pp. 40
Permanent Vacation single issue – ITA 2002. Amazing non stop punklife report. Pp. 16
Real Deal #5 – USA 2013 – No One Rules, Bent Life, Criminal Instinct, Incendiary; reviews, columns.
Resist #45 – USA, 2006. Reviews, columns Uncle Tupelo, Bicycle Lane Industries, Gardening. Pp. 38
Rip It Up #2 – ITA 2008. Gonna Fall Hard, Bratpack, Deny Everything, Cinematic Ride about Mario Bava, Atlantide Updates, columns, reviews.
Sabotaggio #1 –ITA 2000. Torino Scene Report, Woptime, Columna de Hierro, Fuori Controllo, Oi! Night in Novara report, 25TaLife gig report, columns.Pp. 20.
Smartz ‘zine #5 – ITA 1997. Bellicosi, Bambini Fulminati, Class 78, I Cosmonauti, reviews, columns. Pp.30
Speed Demon #13 – ITA 2005/2006. Deadlee, Mirah, Homocore, The King Cobra, reviews, columns, anti-homophobic ‘zine to the bones. Pp. 60
Totentanz #0 – ITA 2008 – Diskontroll, F.P.O., Commitment Records, columns, reviews. Pp. 16
Trash! #1 – ITA 2012. DIY newsletter. Bittenbytherest Records, vegan recipes, columns, reviews.



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