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AA VV “Chaos in Musicae” – Massacro Records – Ze Monsta, Berlusconi SS, Undertakers, Five Star Luxury: anything else to say? Grindcore anthems a gogo…thank you Massacro!
Army of Angry Youth “Nobody Moves, Nobody Gets Hurt” – DIY – Spezia’s finest punk hardcore.
Bloodstain “The Fall and Rise of Certainties” – Stillife Records – moshing metalcore from Italy.
Bratpack “Hate the Neighbors” – Crucial Attack Records – from Holland, heavy sounds meaning punkrock! Nice packaging and artworks, this records rocks asses!
Burial Year “S/T” – Alone Recs. – in darkness you feel no regrets! Doomish emoviolence from NY, the well-known athmospheres à la Page99 and Destination of Aaron.
Cain “Choke the Sun” – Real Deal – metallic hardcore with grinding parts from Milan. Pride!!!
Cops and Robbers “Execution Style” – Bridge Nine – Old school kings from Massachusetts! Great B9 release, dudes!
Dead Vows “Bad Blood” – Refoundation Records – metallic xxx hardcore. No compromises and a very rocksh sound!
Ding Dong Dead / Moby Dick “Split” – Power Negi – screaming emocore from Germany and UK. Very cool label for a nice work.To all Laquiete and Tristan Tzara lovers! Pretty cute packaging.
I Am the Tiger “Your Girlfriend Calls me Baby” – Weirdo Records – Cool rockarolla from Rome.
Il Male “S/T” – Hanged Man Records – with members of Letormenta, great earth noisy crust!!
Insane Assholes/Suppurated split – DIY – 2 of the greatest italian grindcore bands ever!
Iron Molar “Sounds for an Awesome Suspension” – Fucking Clinica – italian noiselectro dooming powerviolence attack!
Like Peter at Home “Volumen” – Overcome Records – metalcore from Spain, new school Earth Crisis style.
Losing Streak “Cracked” – Not Just Words Records – kick your ass fast old school with moshing parts!
Neid/Charlie split – Rebound Action Records – tupa tupa gods from Italy!!
Nothing Done “Everybody Knows” – Not Just Words Records – great release, fast and furious hardcore!
Receipt “Through these Years of Defience…United we can Win” – Equality Records – italian tupa tupa never dies!!
State of Mind “S/T” – Crucial Attack Records – great melodic fastcore from Netherlands!
Taste The Floor “S/T” – Mad Die!Records – from Rome, tupa tupa thrashing old school hc.
The Apolexy Twist Orchestra / The Kinetic Crash Cooperation “Split CD” – React with Protest – Fantasic release, two grinding old emoviolence bands in one CD!
The Capaces “Amplifired” – SS002 records – thrashing rocknroll from Spain.
The Guilt Show “Before They Know we’re all Dead” – Refoundation italian old school rising! Strong lyrics! Great artwork.
Un Quarto Morto “Il Dono della Sintesi” – Shove, Overall, Copsa Records – an anthology for one of the most important italian hc bands. Fastcore is the law!!
Waking Kills the Dream “Depending on Tomorrow” – Goodlife Records – heavier than hell! GoodLife style!
Weltraum “ST” – Toxo Records – experimental indie rock for indie lovers from Naples.
With Arms still Empty / Since by Man “Split CD” – Kill you for a Dollar – very intense post metallic screamo violence for both. A nice release.
Wrecking Crew “1987 – 1991″ – Bridge Nine -the fantastic years of this great old school hardcore band! Boston pride, skulls and bones!!
X- Mary “A Tavola con il Principe” – LMC – before they entered Rockit rooster…italian punkrock: irriverent, intelligent, juicy!

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