New Distro Stuff

Thanks to Sons of Vesta Records, we’ve got something really cool in distro now:

7″ :

Riviera “S/T” – Sons of Vesta – new kids on the block! The old school emopunk Washington DC atmospheres are translated to the italian East- Coast for an awesome debut album. Post hardcore ballads and classic punk rock rhythms mix up in this one! A biography to know what’s really going on nowadays in Italy. 5€

Gods and Queens “Untitled #3” – Sons of Vesta – new four songs EP by Philadelphia’s G & Q : still sticking to the foundation laid by their previous releases, yet keeping on with their usual mix of mid paced, angular, bass driven songs, combined with caustic, disillusioned, confusing lyrics and noisy laden guitars, the band managed to shrink everything into shorter, louder bursts to easily fit into a fancy 7″ record. 5€

LP :

Disquieted By “Lords of Tagadà” – Sons of Vesta, To Lose la Track – heavy rolling high voltage punk’n’r roll from Florence. One of the best releases ever for SOV Records! Comparisons with the Bronx, the Hives or Drive Like Jehu can be easily made, but only after being involved in one of their frenetic, hectic live shows one can be really aware of the true power of this band. Includes “Mommy Mommy Corazon”. 10€

Raein “Ogni Nuovo Inizio” – Red Cars Go Faster – this record means history! Repress edition slightly different from the first press, this comes on black wax and the b-side is etched instead of being silk screened, turning out to be, all in all, better looking! Anything else to say about Raein? They ruled, rule and always will. Earth emo grind. Lyrics in italian. 11€

Loma Prieta “ Life/Less” – Discos Huelga, React with Protest – from Bay Area, amazing band for an amazing second release. Screamish old school emotional hardcore as Ampere and Circle Takes the Square teached. They are one of the most important bands in the world. 11€

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