Offerta invernale che va a comprendere i CD ancora disponibili in distribuzione e le ultime uscite in casa Bitten By the Rest!!


3 CD a scelta da questa lista + “Amare Radici Ottime” 15 €
2 CD a scelta da questa lista + “Amare Radici Ottime” + “Malatesta” T-Shirt 20 €

AA VV “Benefits to mince-core acts for Food Not Bombs” – Comrades, Ravage and Agathocles meet in this one! Must have it, the 3 best mince core bands ever! Not a trend!
AA VV “Campania Family vol.I, AIP Benefit ” hc new/oldschool compilation.
AA VV “ Chaos in Musicae” – Massacro Records – Undertakers, Berlusconi SS, Five Star Luxury and Ze Monsta. 4 heavy grinding bands, a real jewel for all the metalheads!!
AA VV “Better known as hardcore” – Hate Records – from crust to punkrock, bands from 8Records
AAVV “Streetcore Roma” – DIY – great bands like Colonna Infame, Duap, Brigate Rozze…
Action “Can evil be beautiful?” – Dead Butcher Records – metalcore from Slovakia
Afora de Arrastu / Feccia Tricolore split – DIY – Sicily and Sardinia meet! Great italian fast crust and streetpunk!
Airesis “Spettri” – Minnie’s Recs – italian indie rock.
Albert Fish “Strongly Recommended” – Anticorpos DIY – crazy and political punk from Portugal.
Alien Squad “From Alienation to…” – Anticorpos DIY – political melodic hc.
Antillectual “Cilencing Civilization” – Angry Youth Recs – – from holland, punk rock devoted to committment! for fans of Propagandhi, Bad Religion.
Army of Angry Youth “Nobody Moves, Nobody Gets Hurt” – DIY – Spezia’s finest punk hardcore.
Barricade “Weakness Dreams” – Strilek Records – hardcore moshing new school from Czech Republic.
Bet your Life “Our first” – Vacation House Records – italian old school HC
Bleeding Eyes “One Less to my last” – Shove Records – italian slidge hc masters
Bloodstain “The fall and Rise of Certainties” – Stillife Records – moshing metalcore from Italy.
Break “Idols in the Shape of Fallen Angels” – Last Effort Records – rocking new school HC.
Burial Year “S/T” – Alone Records – earth emo crust played that come sout from the earth. Historic band from the US!
Cibo “ Ignorante” – Produzioni Sante, Dada Dischi & more – the first album for those campagna grinders from Turin: bu-su…atattà!!!
Cilicium “Morte Chimica” – Trust in Records – Anarco dark-crust from Italy
Coloss “Songs of Hate and Emotion” – Hellnation Records- Great hardcore punk from Rome, legends!
Comity “ The Deus Ex-Machina as a Forgotten Genius” – Messiah Records – Screaming emocore following the French receipt!
Costa’s Cake House “555″ – Firefly Companies heavy grind core noise.
Counterblast “Impassivity” – Basement Records – growling xxx metalcore from Malaysia.
Cu Sujo / Agathocles split – Karasu Killer Recs. – grind to the bones, Brasil vs Belgium 6-6-6!!!
Ding Dong Dead ”Moby Dick” – Power Negi Recs. – math screaming punk rock from UK.
Diorrhea “B XVI” – Ignorant Worm, Antani Records – grindcore assault from Italy.
Errör “La Condena Merecida” – Anti copyright 2006 – political punk hardcore from Spain
Face Your Enemy “By Force in your Face” – Hate Unit , Relief recs – Madball syle from Italy!!
Fiona at 40 “S/T” – Porcarecords rockish hardcore, Spain.
Gradinata Nord “Valtellina Boyz” – Baciorecords – Valtellina rockers are back! 9 tracks of street punk mixed oi! soccer and real life!!!
Headed Nowhere “7 Songs and a Cover” – Arkangel’s Army, Coundtdown Records – Italian finest “new” old school hardcore with ex members of Reprisal.
Hello Bastards “S/T” – DIY – demo cdr fast crustpunk.
I Am the Tiger “Your Girlfriend calls me baby” – Weirdo Records – rockarolla from Rome.
Imbalance “Wreaks havoc with the Inner Ear” – Armed with Anger Recs – New School Hardcore heavenly played, UK.
Il Male “S/T” – Hanged Man Records – with members of Letormenta, great earth noisy crust!!
In-fest “S/T” – Self-Abuse Recs – fast punk hc from Greece
Insane Assholes/Suppurated split – DIY – 2 of the greatest italian grindcore bands ever!!
Iron Molar “Sounds for an awesome suspension” – Fucking Clinica- italian noiselectro powerviolence attack!
Kafka “Our memories are only tales” – BTC – the ‘90s italian greatest band ever, an anthology, mosh and politics!
Like Peter at Home “Volumen” – Overcome Records – metalcore from Spain, new school style.
Losing Streak “Cracked” – Not Just Words Records – kick your ass fast old school with moshing parts!
Lyon Estates “Tutto o Niente” – Nothing to Lose, Casa Perno records – italian old school ‘80s style.
Maple “The Daily Charm” – Bcore Records – from Spain, rockfish emocore, new school style.
Minkions “Stop Thinking, Start Drinking” – COPSA Recs – Padova thraschore! irriverent and loud!
Neid/Charlie split – Rebound Action Records – tupa tupa gods from Italy!!
Nothing Done “Everybody Knows” – Not Just Words Records – great release, fast and furious hardcore!
Out of Reach “Neverending” – Goodwill Records – italian old school masters.
Pisschrist “Pisslicking Singles” – Yellow Dog Records – holocrustic punx united! From Australia, the best of this great crust band!
Receipt “Through these Years of Defience…United We Can Win” – Equality Records – italian tupa tupa never dies!!
Red Blood Hands “8 Spots on a White Mind” – Fuori Sede, Riot, Odio Alpino, Teppa Life recs & more – Do you remember Unabomber, the band? Lyrics in English but the same ultra romantic new school hardcore from Morbegno!!
Remains of the Day “An Underlying Frequecy” – CAH Records – melodic crust punk, Portland school rules!
Rip Roaring “Innocent” – Cripta Records – great italian ny style old shool hardcore
Rushdown “Freak Scene” – Diffidati Records – italian melodic hardcore old school.
Rydell “Hard on the Trial” – Enginer Records – Emocore Revelation style from UK.
Same Direction “Fotografia di un’età” – Produzioni Sante Records – old school italian hc, fast and melodic, great!
Scholars VS Elophram Split – DIY 2008 – thrash attack from Sicily!! Great album!
Sledge HC “Strong in My Hate” – BTC – moshing hc from Milan.
Sowplot Concencias “S/T” – B-core Records – spanish xxx metalcore à la early Earth Crisis, UK.
Stand “True Romans” – Positive Outlook Records – metalcore, UK
State of Mind “S/T” – Crucial Attack – Great melodic fastcore from Netherlands!
Suction “Education as arson will set us free” – Burning Season Records – screamo metalcore as Poison the Well
Taste the Floor “S/T” – Mad Die! Records – from Rome, tupa tupa thrashing old school hc
Tear Me Down “Vincere” – Rebound Action Records – a must! Anarcho punx and hardcorers united! Old school! Political and Antifascist youth crew anthems!
The Capaces “Amplifired” – SS002 Records – thrashing rocknroll from Spain
The Guilt Show “Before They Know we’re all Dead” – Refoundation Records – italian old school rising! Strong lyrics! Great artwork.
The Hirudo Effect “Saziando L’Uomo” – Weirdo, Basura Recs & more -mad thrashing grind from Milan!
Toxic Youth / Calibronove Split – BTC – Milan though masters! Rap hc and ny style meet! A must!
Tour de Force “Use It” – DIY – from Germany, scream hardcore as early Boy Sets Fire!
Un Quarto Morto “Il Dono della Sintesi” – Shove, Overall, Copsa Records – an anthology for one of the most important italian hc bands. Fastcore is the law!!
Waking Kills the Dream “Depending on Tomorrow” – Goodlife Records – heavier than hell! GoodLife style!
Weltraum “S/T” – Toxo Records – experimental indie from Naples.
What Lies Within / Death Before Disco “Split” – Goodlife Records – rarity!! Mosh!!
When Mind Reflects “And don’t Care About the Rest” – Hate Records – italian old school hc
Wrecker / Infect “Split” – Kill you for a dollar Records 36 tracks! South America & East Europe meet! Crustpunk!
X- Mary “ A Tavola con il Principe” – LMC Records – irrivirent and good played folk punkrock. Lyrics in italian.

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